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The most interesting people

I’ve  met a ton of great people on my travels so far. Most people I meet look at me funny when I tell them I am visiting to every single Bojangles’ in the country.

In the spirit of meeting new people I put together a small video of a particular person I met not so long ago.

Oh, also I just tried a new combination of biscuit. I had a cajun filet, ham and egg biscuit. That was one of the best biscuit I have ever had! I think I will try some new combination that I saw on the Bojangles’ Facebook page the other day. This gives me a great idea for a post.

Well until next time. If you have any Bojangles’ Traveler stories of your own send them to me and I will share them here.

Happy Travels!

Bojangles’ Traveler

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Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | July 14, 2009

Day 15 (Updated)

So I am hitting the beach today and I am really looking forward to it. My Bojangles’ tour takes me into the Myrtle Beach area today. I think I can take an hour or two to relax in the sun and sand.

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while and there is a reason. I’ve been working on putting together a short video of my travels so far. Take a look!

Bojangles’ Traveler


Check out my new YouTube channel

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Guest Blog


Aruba - beautiful Caribbean island
Image by Travelling Pooh via Flickr


I just became a fellow Bojangles’ Traveler too – by accident! Returning from our honeymoon in Curacao last Saturday, my new bride and I were supposed to fly to Aruba, then to Charlotte en route to home, which is Rochester, NY.

Four power outages at the Aruba airport held us up there, and we missed our connecting flight to Charlotte. We weren’t going to make it home until some point on Sunday, and we needed a hotel, transportation, etc. The whole ordeal was not an ideal way to end a honeymoon.

We passed up the gross-looking airline food, so we were starving when we arrived in Charlotte at 9 PM, after an hour in the Curacao airport, the hour flight from Curacao to Aruba, three hours waiting in lines in the Aruba airport and the four hour flight.

We got off the plane in the B terminal, not sure where we were staying for the night, or how/when we’d make it home the next day. But we were right next to the airport Bojangles’ – that sign was like a beacon of fried hope! Starving like crazy, the hotel reservations and travel arrangements quickly dropped down our priority list.

We had fried chicken, seasoned fries, biscuits and, we agreed, the best sweet tea we’ve ever tasted. Then we took a deep breath. We weren’t home, but it felt like a close second! Ended up being a nice treat, since we don’t have a Bojangles’ in Rochester – actually, kind of a tease, now that I think of it!

The airline helped us find a hotel and a flight home the next morning, and we went downstairs to wait for the hotel shuttle to pick us up. That’s where we saw the “Bojangles’ Biscuit Oven” in the baggage claim area! That was awesome – I sent you some pictures of it.

Bojangles’ definitely helped turn our travel nightmare into a sweet (tea) story! I don’t know if the Charlotte Airport Bojangles’ is on your itinerary, but it definitely should be. They were very gracious and even hooked us up with some extra hot sauce!!

Thanks, and good luck in your journey!


Bojangles' at the Charlotte AirportBiscuits! Who wants biscuits?

Thanks Pete. This is a great story. Next time you will have to borrow my cravometer:) Now I will have to figure out how to hit the Charlotte Airport Bojangles’!

Pete gives me a great idea. There is a little Bojangles’ Traveler in all of us. If you have a Bojangles’ Traveler story send it to me and I will post it on the blog. Oh, and send pics as well. Send your story to my email address:

Well, I am off to Augusta and Savannah, GA today. Catch ya’ll later.

Bojangles’ Traveler

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Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | July 7, 2009

Hello from Jacksonville!

Hello from Jacksonville, FL!

Where do I begin. When I last left off I was just heading into Tennessee. Fast forward and I’m in Jacksonville, FL. I’ve had just about everything on the menu more than once. I actually started experimenting and ordering off the menu stuff. I changed things up and ordered a Cajun Filet biscuit with ham and cheese. I call it the Cajun Filet Cordon Bleu! LOL… It was really good! I think today I’ll try it with egg!

Over the holiday weekend I was in Dothan, AL. I went to the Dothan Bojangles’ and after that I hit the big 4th of July party. It was so cool! After the fireworks they actually had Elvis live in concert! Well, ok it wasn’t really Elvis. But it was a great impersonator! When he sang “Love me tender” I don’t know why but I couldn’t help but think about Bojangles’ Chicken Supremes. Maybe because they’re so tender and do love them so!

4th of July in Dothan, AL

Well, after a day of food, fun and Elvis, I headed down to Florida and hit the new Bojangles’ restaurants down there around noon and got me some Bojangles’ Chicken Supremes with barbecue sauce. They had been on my mind ever since I heard that Elvis song!

Until next time!

Bojangles’ Traveler

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Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | July 2, 2009

Day 3

Great day yesterday. I met a lot of great people and ate a lot of great Bojangles’ food. I started out day 2 in Rockmart, GA and ended in Dalton, GA. Today (Day 3) I am heading up into Tennessee. I should hit Athens, TN this evening. Looking forward to seeing parts of the country that I’ve never seen before.

More to come later.

Bojangles’ Traveler

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Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | July 1, 2009

Day 1 (Updated) (Updated with Google map)

Captains Log: 6/30/09 🙂 Always wanted to do that.

Good first day!

I visited a bunch of Bojangles’ today. I ended up finishing around Cartersville, GA this evening.  I ate a lot of great food. I am really tired right now so I hope to get some sleep tonight and wake up refreshed in the morning. I will try and give everyone a better update in the morning.

Thanks for all the support.
Bojangles’ Traveler


Just woke up. I had a great night sleep. I dreamt about Bojangles’ (what a surprise). Today I am heading out the rest of the GA locations. The one store I am looking forward to is Rome, GA. I wonder if there will be any Gladiators:)


I wanted to finish up my thoughts on my travels yesterday before I forgot them.

I traveled roughly 131 miles on Tuesday. Now that would have been a pretty big gas bill if I didn’t have my cravometer. My cravings for Bojangles’ coupled with every other Bojangles’ fan’s cravings help me fuel my car. I started my day in Atlanta and ended up in Cartersville, GA. I had a ton of great Bojangles’ food along the way. As usual the Cajun Filet Biscuit didn’t disappoint. I wanted to keep lunch lite so I had a Supreme’s salad. Who knew Bojangles’ could make salads taste so good. I drank a lot of sweet tea and cherry soda during the afternoon which didn’t help my travel time:). For dinner I had the 2pc dinner (breast and a leg w/green beans). Along the way I met some really interesting people and Bojangles’ employees. I think I will work on a post on the more fascinating people I meet later on.
Anyway, if you are interested in following my route I have posted my first couple of days here.

That about sums up my first day. On to day 2!

Cajun Filet goodness!

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Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | June 30, 2009

FREE TEA at Bojangles’!

Check this out! I told Bojangles’ on facebook that I was hitting up their restaurant on Fulton Industrial Blvd. in Atlanta first and they said because of that they’ll be giving away FREE iced tea at that location between 12pm-2pm to anyone that says “Bojangles’ Traveler!” How cool is that??


Pics from my first visit!

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It worked!

“Never underestimate the power of a Bojangles’ craving.”

As you know I’ve been talking about a way to get around the high gas prices during my journey. Well, I’m pleased to say, problem solved! I created Bojangles’ craving to fuel converter. It converts my craving for Bojangles’ into useable energy that’ll in turn fuel my car! Genius, I know…  All I have to do is think and crave Bojangles’ and the converter does the rest. The more I crave it, the faster I go! And the way I crave Bojangles’, you can bet I’ll be breaking the sound barrier…

Considering that’s been squared away, I hit the road today. And how fitting is this? Today is my birthday. And of course that means it’s also Bojangles’ birthday! June 30. The day the first Bojangles’ opened. Well, to celebrate I’m hitting the road. And the first stop on my journey… drum roll please!

The Bojangles’ on Fulton Industrial Blvd. in Atlanta, GA!

Not sure what I’ll have when I get there, but I’m sure it’ll be good! Probably just gonna zoom in and zoom out but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my progress!

Bojangles’ Traveler

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Almost go time!

I’m just about ready to hit the road. Still working on a way to get around the high gas prices issue, but I think I got it figured out. Gonna test it out over the weekend. I’ll post the details after I make sure it’s gonna work! After that, the journey begins. I’ll let you all know which Bojangles’ I’ll be hitting up first. As well as the route I’ll be taking.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a video of my route mapping process! Enjoy!

Researching my route

Researching my route

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Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | June 21, 2009

A Star is Born?

Night Sky through Trees
Image by Billy A via Flickr

As I lie under the hot summer night sky, I’m contemplating what my life will be like after I make this remarkable journey. You see, I’ve dreamt about visiting every Bojangles’ in America for some time now. I’ve always felt a certain connection to Bojangles’. I didn’t know why until I did a little research and discovered it was founded on June 30, 1977. That’s when the first Bojangles’ restaurant opened and that also happens to be my birthday. As I look out into the stars, I can’t help but feel like maybe we’re cosmically intertwined or something. I don’t know… But for some reason, I have to do this.

Will I be famous? Not sure… Does it really matter? In the grand scheme of things, probably not. But just to be clear, fame isn’t what I’m truly after. I just have a passion for Bojangles’. And I want to look back on this 30 years down the road and tell my future grandkids, while we’re sipping on Bojangles iced tea, “yep…I visited every Bojangles’ in America back in 2009.” And when they ask why. I’ll just say, “why not?”

Sorry, if this entry got a little too philosophical. I guess the night sky can do that to a person. But, time to get back to business! The logistics of my travels…

I’ve got my travel route down. Check out my first post for a picture. My only concern is gas prices. As you know, they’re on the rise. But I came across something that will help me get around this. If it works, gas will not be in issue. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Well, unless I’m eating a box of Bojangles’ chicken or something. Not sure if I can navigate a thigh, drumstick, dirty rice and iced tea with crossed fingers…

But everything else is good to go. Got my map, I’m almost packed up, washed the car and got my running shoes.

I’ll be hitting the road very soon. Happy trails……

Bojangles’ Traveler

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