Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | December 3, 2009

Happy Trails

In the words of Homer Simpson, “Woo Hoo!”

Earlier this year I received a calling. A calling or maybe a craving to visit every single Bojangles’ in the US. After months of travel and meeting fantastic people I am DONE!

I will do a recap blog later that will give all the vital stats of my trip but in the mean time I put together a video of one of my last stops. I will always be  thankful for all the great people I met. From Bojangles’ employees, to the customers, to all the well wishers. Without all of you I would not have been able to do this. Oh and how can I forget to thank Bojangles’ for making such cravable food. I mean c’mon, where else can you get a biscuit that was made in heaven? Oh, and I tried something the other day that I had never had before,  Bojangles’ fried turkey. The fried turkey will be a staple for years to come during the holiday season.

Best Thanksgiving ever......

Anyway, enjoy the video I put together. Like I said, I’ll be putting together a blog later with all my travel stats.



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