Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | October 29, 2009


Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I love scary movies, candy corn and dressing up. But since I am out on the road visiting every Bojangles’ in the country I won’t have that opportunity this year. But I have an idea on how to keep the spirit of Halloween alive but I will need some help.

While I have been traveling around the past week or so I have seen a ton of great jack-o-lanterns on peoples porches. I also saw It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown last night that help inspire this idea.


All this has me thinking about designing a Bojangles’ jack-o-lanter. But I am on the road so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to carve one up. If you do, please email me your pics and I will post them on my blog.

If you are wondering what my costume would have been this year just think of a Large Bojangles’ Sweet Tea and you will get the idea 🙂
Happy Halloween everyone!!


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