Posted by: Bojangles Traveler | August 10, 2009

The most interesting people

I’ve  met a ton of great people on my travels so far. Most people I meet look at me funny when I tell them I am visiting to every single Bojangles’ in the country.

In the spirit of meeting new people I put together a small video of a particular person I met not so long ago.

Oh, also I just tried a new combination of biscuit. I had a cajun filet, ham and egg biscuit. That was one of the best biscuit I have ever had! I think I will try some new combination that I saw on the Bojangles’ Facebook page the other day. This gives me a great idea for a post.

Well until next time. If you have any Bojangles’ Traveler stories of your own send them to me and I will share them here.

Happy Travels!

Bojangles’ Traveler

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  1. Hey Bojangles Guy! We love Bojangles too! We grew up in Lincolnton, NC–home of the world’s largest (and best) Bojangles! When are you going to be in Asheville or Winston-Salem or Lincolnton NC?

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